Smelly Water

Does your water have an unpleasant odor?

Improve the smell of your water with Culligan.

Before your water enters your home or office, it can pick up smelly contaminants - from the soil around private wells, miles of underground utility pipes or even the local municipal water source itself. Many municipalities add chlorine to offset the problems caused by these contaminants, but this only makes you water smell worse! You may not be able to see these contaminants, but as soon as you turn on the tap or lift a glass to your face, something is obviously not right.

Culligan Water - Smelly Water

Common water odor problems include –

  • A “rotten-egg” odor due to hydrogen sulfide in the soil near your well
  • A musty, woody smell due to organic contaminants like algae or total dissolved solids (TDS)
  • A “bleachy” smell due to chlorine added in by municipalities
  • A soapy or chemical smell due to contaminated private wells

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Here are some of Culligan's solutions to this water problem.
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We cannot say enough about Culligan of Brooklyn Park,MN. They never fail to take care of my needs when it comes to their amazing drinking water and the hot and cold water dispenser. Their customer service is second to none, from Mike our delivery driver to their office staff and letting me pay our bill with a phone call rather than online. Friendly and professional are terms we have no problem using time and again to describe the fine folks. Where we live in the metro area, the drinking water is far from acceptable. We are now even using Culligan water for coffee and cooking. The coffee is much better tasting and we don't get that nasty build up in our coffee machine. Food tastes better using Culligan water too. Great product and great service, you just can't go wrong with Culligan drinking water. Plus, we don't have all those bottles to recycle and cases of water to carry in from the car.
Culligan Customer
North Oaks Manor
- Culligan Customer