Our customers love their Culligan Water!

You don't have to take our word for it! Culligan Twin Cities customers are saying great things about our Bottled Water and Bottleless® Coolers.

Courteous employees! Excellent water! Deliveries are punctual and the drivers make it effortless to receive the water. The water coolers are attractive and easy to operate and refill.
— Justine Deann Billington
Using Culligan is very easy. The service is dependable and prompt. The filtered water tastes great and the hot and cold temperatures on the dispenser are perfect.
— Deanne Hulcher
I approached Culligan to see how much it would cost to have water delivered to my home/office. It is an expense but being sure of the quality and taste of water we drink is worth it. My family prefers our Culligan water to other beverages 95 percent of the time. We make juice coffee and tea with it and use it for all cooking.
— Michelle Foster
I have a great delivery driver who even goes so far as to call me when I did forget to leave out my empty's and ask if I needed water. I can't thank him enough.
— Joseph Bergman
Culligan provides a high quality service and is very responsive to our needs. We enjoy the taste of the water and our delivery man is so helpful. We have been customers of Culligan for 20 years and have enjoyed the experience.
— Ajay Gupta
Having Culligan water service is great. Bottles delivered directly to my door and the peace of mind that I'm drinking clean water. The water tastes great and the cooler system with the hot water tap is a great feature for tea. My tea tastes amazing using Culligan water. Friendly & honest service.
— Tevi Lawson